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901 Gymstars

We're the premier gymnastics training center in the Tri-State area, featuring foam-filled pits, a competition spring floor and more!

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Our Mission

At 901 Gymstars, our mission is to inspire and empower young athletes to reach their full potential in gymnastics and beyond. Through expert coaching, safe environments, and a supportive community, we foster confidence, discipline, and lifelong skills for success.

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Featured Programs

Recreational Gymnastics Photo

Recreational Gymnastics

Join our fun, fitness-focused classes for all skill levels, where kids build strength, flexibility, and confidence through engaging gymnastics activities.

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Competitive Gymnastics

Advance your skills with specialized training, expert coaching, and competitions, building strength, flexibility, and confidence in a supportive, motivating environment.

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Embark on an exhilarating journey of agility and strength, conquering obstacle courses and freestyle movement in a dynamic, supportive environment.

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Featured Events

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Birthday Parties

Book your next exlusive birthday party at 901 Gymstars. Enjoy good food, good friends and action-packed play in our exciting gym environment.

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901 Gymstars hosts a variety of camps during the year. We offer a safe and fun environment, for children of all ages, with activities and gymnastics lessons.

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Parent's Night Out

We regularly host this event on Friday and Saturday evenings. Enjoy your evening your way while your children enjoy pizza, drinks and some gym time.


I give this place 5 stars simply because of coach Jiya! We love her!! My niece goes to the level one class 10-11 on Saturdays and the coach is absolutely AMAZING!! She seems like she really cares about the kids and knows what she is talking about. She has a class around of 8-9 kids and I can tell it’s not easy, but she does an excellent job of keeping their attention and teaching them so many things in just one hour. I would not trust anybody else to coach my niece! She definitely needs a raise after working with those kids every Saturday as I can tell it’s hard to get them to listen but she always does it. She is the sweetest and best coach I’ve ever seen!!

Heather H.

901 Gymstars Parent

This was such a great place to grow up! I was a gymnast for 9 years here and now am a recreational coach and a team coach. This place holds a special place in my heart and I will always love it here! :)

Katy W.

901 Gymnast, Coach

Our daughter is a member of the Gymstars competitive team. We are so committed to helping her achieve her goals and aspirations in competitive gymnastics that we had to find the right program with a skilled coaching staff whose values aligned with ours in raising our daughter. There is nothing more important than the people to whom we entrust the care of our child during the many hours a day that she spends developing her physical skills and her personhood. Our home is three and a half hours away from Gymstars, and every challenge we must address to allow her to train at Gymstars is repaid over and over in her joy and commitment, her coaches support, and the love of the gym families of which we are privileged to be a part. Don't hesitate a moment in your decision for your daughter to be a part of the Gymstars family.

Leslie B.

901 Gymstars Parent

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